Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
28683A StarLAN 10 Hub
J2601A/B 24-Port Advanced Hub
J2435A AdvanceStack 650 LAN
J2540A Router PR
J2540B AdvanceStack 230
J2600A 10-BaseT Hub
J2602B 48-Port Hub
28681A 10:10 LAN Bridge
J3202A AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub - 24R
J2355A 10BaseT Hub+ / 24S
J3301A 10BaseT Hub
28638A 12 x RJ45 Ports
J2434A AdvanceStack 650 Card
J2430A Router 650
28645A ThinLAN Hub
J2415A AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-14
J2410A AdvanceStack 100BaseT Hub
A3724AZ 10-Port Short Wave FC Hub
28699A Ethernet Hub
28692A ThinLAN Hub Plus
J2602A 48-Port Hub
J2610B AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub
J3193B 100Base FX Hub
J3200A 10BaseT Hub+ / 24S
4995A ThinNet
28682A Fiber Optic Hub Plus
J3210A AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub
J3272A Switching Hub
28674A/B Remote Bridge
27288A AdvanceStack 430 Router
27289A/B AdvanceStack 24 Router
27287A 4-Port Router LR
28688A/B 12-Port Ethertwist Hub Plus
27286A Router T/R
27290A AdvanceStack Router 480
28673A 10:10 LAN Bridge
28684A 12-Port (RJ45) Hub
27285A 440 Router
28683A, StarLAN 10 Hub, J2601A/B, 24-Port Advanced Hub, J2435A, AdvanceStack 650 LAN, J2540A, Router PR, J2540B, AdvanceStack 230, J2600A, 10-BaseT Hub, J2602B, 48-Port Hub, 28681A, 10:10 LAN Bridge, J3202A, AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub - 24R, J2355A, 10BaseT Hub+ / 24S, J3301A, 10BaseT Hub, 28638A, 12 x RJ45 Ports, J2434A, AdvanceStack 650 Card, J2430A, Router 650, 28645A, ThinLAN Hub, J2415A, AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-14, J2410A, AdvanceStack 100BaseT Hub, A3724AZ, 10-Port Short Wave FC Hub, 28699A, Ethernet Hub, 28692A, ThinLAN Hub Plus, J2602A, 48-Port Hub, J2610B, AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub, J3193B, 100Base FX Hub, J3200A, 10BaseT Hub+ / 24S, 4995A, ThinNet, 28682A, Fiber Optic Hub Plus, J3210A, AdvanceStack 10BaseT Hub, J3272A, Switching Hub, 28674A/B, Remote Bridge, 27288A, AdvanceStack 430 Router, 27289A/B, AdvanceStack 24 Router, 27287A, 4-Port Router LR, 28688A/B, 12-Port Ethertwist Hub Plus, 27286A, Router T/R, 27290A, AdvanceStack Router 480, 28673A, 10:10 LAN Bridge, 28684A, 12-Port (RJ45) Hub, 27285A, 440 Router
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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