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Lynne Company

Product Description
A5783A PCI Token Ring Adapter
A5506A PCI 100Base TX Four Port
A5150A Dual Port Ultra 2 SCSI (PCI Bus) Adapter
A5149A PCI LVD Ultra2 SCSI Interface
A4929A PCI 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter
A4926A PCI Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX Adapter
A5230A PCI 100Base TX LAN Adapter
A5172A PCI 100Base-FX
A5159A Dual Port FWD SCSI (PCI Bus) Adapter
A5158A PCI 2X Fibre Channel Adapter
A4924A HSC Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX
A4925A HSC Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX
A4920A HSC Hyperfabric Card
A4921A HSC EISA Form Factor Hyperfabric Card
A4892A Hyperfabric Node Support Cable
A4919A PCI Hyperfabric 1X Adapter
A4800A PCI FWD SCSI Interface
A4891A Hyperfabric 16 Port Switch
A4107A Fast/Wide Interface
A4450A Visualize-EG Graphics
J2146A 802.3 Thinlan I/F
J2157A/B FDDI LAN Card
28655A SE SCSI Interface
28650B HP-IB Interface
28615A HP-FL Interface
A5856A PCI 4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID
A2441A Lan/Personality Card
28696A FWD SCSI Interface
A6092A PCI Hyperfabric 4X Adapter
A5801A PCI Serial HIPPI 800 Adapter
A5838A PCI 2 Port 100Base-T 2 Port Ultra SCSI
J2092A 16-Port RS-232 Direct Connect Mux
J2093A 16-Port RS-423 Direct Connect Mux
J2094A 16-Port RS-232 Modem Connect Mux
J2096A 32-Port Mux
A3342A Remote Management Interface
A3404A Fibre Channel Interface
A3495A 100BaseT LAN Card
A3519A Visualize-EG Graphics
A2442A 8 Port Mux Card
A2679A SE SCSI Interface
A2969A FWD SCSI Interface
A2999A 2D Color Graphics
A3591A Fibre Channel Interface
A3636A Fibre Channel Interface
J3515A 100BaseT LAN Card
J3514A 100BaseT 2-Port LAN Card
J2484A 16-Port RJ45 Panel
J2483A 64-Port Mux Card
J2792A X.25 Interface
J2485A 16-Port DB25 Panel
J2166A Token Ring Interface
J2165A/B 802.5 Token Ring Interface
J2482A 8-Port Mux Card
J2166B Token Ring/9000 LTU (HP-PB Adapter)
A4077A 2D Color Graphics
A3740AN Upgrade to PCI 2x FC Adapter
A3659A FDDI LAN Card
A3644A HP-HSC SCSI Card for T600 only
A3723A FDDI LAN Card
A3722A FDDI LAN Card
A3739A Dual FDDI LAN Card
A3738A 100BaseT LAN Card
A3740A PCI-32 Fibre Channel Card
A3739B FDDI Universal PCI Adapter
J3516A 100BaseT 2-Port LAN Card
J3850A 100BaseT One Port Lan Adapter
A5783A, PCI Token Ring Adapter, A5506A, PCI 100Base TX Four Port, A5150A, Dual Port Ultra 2 SCSI (PCI Bus) Adapter, A5149A, PCI LVD Ultra2 SCSI Interface, A4929A, PCI 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter, A4926A, PCI Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX Adapter, A5230A, PCI 100Base TX LAN Adapter, A5172A, PCI 100Base-FX, A5159A, Dual Port FWD SCSI (PCI Bus) Adapter, A5158A, PCI 2X Fibre Channel Adapter, A4924A, HSC Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX, A4925A, HSC Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX , A4920A, HSC Hyperfabric Card, A4921A, HSC EISA Form Factor Hyperfabric Card, A4892A, Hyperfabric Node Support Cable, A4919A, PCI Hyperfabric 1X Adapter, A4800A, PCI FWD SCSI Interface, A4891A, Hyperfabric 16 Port Switch, A4107A, Fast/Wide Interface, A4450A, Visualize-EG Graphics, J2146A, 802.3 Thinlan I/F, J2157A/B, FDDI LAN Card, 28655A, SE SCSI Interface, 28650B, HP-IB Interface, 28615A, HP-FL Interface, A5856A, PCI 4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID, A2441A, Lan/Personality Card, 28696A, FWD SCSI Interface, A6092A, PCI Hyperfabric 4X Adapter, A5801A, PCI Serial HIPPI 800 Adapter, A5838A, PCI 2 Port 100Base-T 2 Port Ultra SCSI, J2092A, 16-Port RS-232 Direct Connect Mux, J2093A, 16-Port RS-423 Direct Connect Mux, J2094A, 16-Port RS-232 Modem Connect Mux, J2096A, 32-Port Mux, A3342A, Remote Management Interface, A3404A, Fibre Channel Interface, A3495A, 100BaseT LAN Card, A3519A, Visualize-EG Graphics, A2442A, 8 Port Mux Card, A2679A, SE SCSI Interface, A2969A, FWD SCSI Interface, A2999A, 2D Color Graphics, A3591A, Fibre Channel Interface, A3636A, Fibre Channel Interface, J3515A, 100BaseT LAN Card, J3514A, 100BaseT 2-Port LAN Card, J2484A, 16-Port RJ45 Panel, J2483A, 64-Port Mux Card, J2792A, X.25 Interface, J2485A, 16-Port DB25 Panel, J2166A, Token Ring Interface, J2165A/B, 802.5 Token Ring Interface, J2482A, 8-Port Mux Card, J2166B, Token Ring/9000 LTU (HP-PB Adapter), A4077A, 2D Color Graphics, A3740AN, Upgrade to PCI 2x FC Adapter, A3659A, FDDI LAN Card, A3644A, HP-HSC SCSI Card for T600 only, A3723A, FDDI LAN Card, A3722A, FDDI LAN Card, A3739A, Dual FDDI LAN Card, A3738A, 100BaseT LAN Card, A3740A, PCI-32 Fibre Channel Card, A3739B, FDDI Universal PCI Adapter, J3516A, 100BaseT 2-Port LAN Card, J3850A, 100BaseT One Port Lan Adapter
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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