Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
98658A SE SCSI Interface
98642A 4-Port Multiplexer
98623A BCD Interface
98624A Std HP-IB Interface
98622A GP-IO Interface
98625B Hi-Speed HP-IB I/F
98626A Serial Interface (RS-232)
98646A VME BUS Interface
98644A Serial Interface (RS-232)
98643A AUI LAN Interface
98640A A-D Converter Board
98638A 8-Port Multiplexer
98628A Datacomm Interface
98627A Color Video (RGB) I/F
98658A, SE SCSI Interface, 98642A, 4-Port Multiplexer, 98623A, BCD Interface, 98624A, Std HP-IB Interface, 98622A, GP-IO Interface, 98625B, Hi-Speed HP-IB I/F, 98626A, Serial Interface (RS-232), 98646A, VME BUS Interface, 98644A, Serial Interface (RS-232), 98643A, AUI LAN Interface, 98640A, A-D Converter Board, 98638A, 8-Port Multiplexer, 98628A, Datacomm Interface, 98627A, Color Video (RGB) I/F
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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