Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
9122D Dual Floppy Drive (DSDD)
9122C Dual Floppy Drive (Hi-Density)
9133D/H/L Floppy / Disk Drive
C1707A HP-IB CD-ROM Drive
C1701A/C 650MB External Optical Drive
C2213A 660 MB SCSI Drive
C2291A 664 MB Disk Drive Upgrade
C2292A 1.3 GB DAT Drive Upgrade
C2212A 330 MB SCSI Drive
C2294A 650MB Optical Disk Drive
7963B 304MB Expandable Disk Drive
7959B 304MB HP-IB Disk Drive
C1512A 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive
C1511A 1.3 GB HP-IB DAT Drive
9144A 1/4" Cartridge Tape Drive
9153A/B/C Floppy / Disk Drive
7958A/B 152MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7957A/B 81MB HP-IB Disk Drive
9122D, Dual Floppy Drive (DSDD), 9122C, Dual Floppy Drive (Hi-Density), 9133D/H/L, Floppy / Disk Drive, C1707A, HP-IB CD-ROM Drive, C1701A/C, 650MB External Optical Drive, C2213A, 660 MB SCSI Drive, C2291A, 664 MB Disk Drive Upgrade, C2292A, 1.3 GB DAT Drive Upgrade, C2212A, 330 MB SCSI Drive, C2294A, 650MB Optical Disk Drive, 7963B, 304MB Expandable Disk Drive, 7959B, 304MB HP-IB Disk Drive, C1512A, 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive, C1511A, 1.3 GB HP-IB DAT Drive, 9144A, 1/4" Cartridge Tape Drive, 9153A/B/C, Floppy / Disk Drive, 7958A/B, 152MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7957A/B, 81MB HP-IB Disk Drive
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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