Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
A5544A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A5545A 18GB SE Disk Drive
A3715A 12x CD-ROM Drive
A5220A DVD-ROM Drive
A3643A 4.3GB FWD Disk Drive
A3660A 4GB SE Disk Drive
A3416A 4X CD-ROM Drive
A3542A 12GB DDS-3 DAT Drive
A3352A 4GB SE Disk Drive
A3353A 4GB FWD Disk Drive
A2445A 1GB Disk Drive (H-H)
A3351A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A3306A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A2942A 3 1/2" Floppy Drive
A2446A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A3087A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A2944A 1GB QIC Drive
A3184A 2X CD-ROM Drive
A3183A 4GB DDS-2 DAT Drive
A3305A 1GB FWD Disk Drive
A3304A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A5560A 18GB SE Disk Drive
A5795A 9GB SE Disk Drive
C2477SZ 2GB DAT Drive
C2478SZ 2-8GB DAT Drive
A5544A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A5545A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, A3715A, 12x CD-ROM Drive, A5220A, DVD-ROM Drive, A3643A, 4.3GB FWD Disk Drive, A3660A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, A3416A, 4X CD-ROM Drive, A3542A, 12GB DDS-3 DAT Drive, A3352A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, A3353A, 4GB FWD Disk Drive, A2445A, 1GB Disk Drive (H-H), A3351A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A3306A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A2942A, 3 1/2" Floppy Drive, A2446A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A3087A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A2944A, 1GB QIC Drive, A3184A, 2X CD-ROM Drive, A3183A, 4GB DDS-2 DAT Drive, A3305A, 1GB FWD Disk Drive, A3304A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A5560A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, A5795A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, C2477SZ, 2GB DAT Drive, C2478SZ, 2-8GB DAT Drive
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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