Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
12597A 8-Bit Duplex Register
12791A Firmware Expansion
12539C Time Base Generator
12566B/C Microcircuit Interface
13197A 1 KB Writable Control
13304A Firmware Accesory
59310B BUS I/O Interface
91000A Plug-in A-D Interface
91200B Video Display Interface
12834A Bisynchronous Direct Connect
12930A Universal Interface
12897B Dual Channel Port Controller
12794B HDLC Modem Interface
12792B 8-Channel MUX
12825A HDLC Direct Connect
12821A HP-IB Interface
13175A Disk Interface
12966A BACI Board
12826B Programmable Serial Interface
12597A, 8-Bit Duplex Register, 12791A, Firmware Expansion, 12539C, Time Base Generator, 12566B/C, Microcircuit Interface, 13197A, 1 KB Writable Control, 13304A, Firmware Accesory, 59310B, BUS I/O Interface, 91000A, Plug-in A-D Interface, 91200B, Video Display Interface, 12834A, Bisynchronous Direct Connect, 12930A, Universal Interface, 12897B, Dual Channel Port Controller, 12794B, HDLC Modem Interface, 12792B, 8-Channel MUX, 12825A, HDLC Direct Connect, 12821A, HP-IB Interface, 13175A, Disk Interface, 12966A, BACI Board, 12826B, Programmable Serial Interface
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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