Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
9122C/D HP-IB Dual Floppy Drive
7979A 1600/6250 BPI Tape Drive
7980A/S 6250 BPI Auto-Load Tape Drive
9145A 1/4 32-Track Tape Cartridge
35401A 1/4" Tape Autoloader
C1511A 1.3GB HP-IB DAT Drive
C1512A 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive
C1520B 2.0 GB SCSI DAT Drive
7978B 6520 BPI Tape Drive
7974A 1600/800 BPI Tape Drive
9144A 1/4" 16-Track Tape Cartridge
9122C/D, HP-IB Dual Floppy Drive, 7979A, 1600/6250 BPI Tape Drive, 7980A/S, 6250 BPI Auto-Load Tape Drive, 9145A, 1/4" 32-Track Tape Cartridge, 35401A, 1/4" Tape Autoloader, C1511A, 1.3GB HP-IB DAT Drive, C1512A, 1.3 GB SCSI DAT Drive, C1520B, 2.0 GB SCSI DAT Drive, 7978B, 6520 BPI Tape Drive, 7974A, 1600/800 BPI Tape Drive, 9144A, 1/4" 16-Track Tape Cartridge
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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