Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
12159A 25 Khz Sine Wave Board
12076A LAN Interface Kit
12075A Bisync Modem Interface
12044A HDLC / Direct Connect Interface
12060B Analog Input Board
12061A 32 Channel Expansion Mux
12062A Analog Output Board
12040B/C/D 8-Channel Multiplexer
12041A/B 8-Channel Multiplexer
12042A/B Programmable Serial Interface
12043A Programmable Serial Interface
12063A Isolated Digital Board
12065A Color Video Board
12005A/B Asynchronous Interface
12007B HDLC / Modem Interface
12006A Parallel Interface
12016A SCSI Interface Kit
12009A HP-IB Interface
12159A, 25 Khz Sine Wave Board, 12076A, LAN Interface Kit, 12075A, Bisync Modem Interface, 12044A, HDLC / Direct Connect Interface, 12060B, Analog Input Board, 12061A, 32 Channel Expansion Mux, 12062A, Analog Output Board, 12040B/C/D, 8-Channel Multiplexer, 12041A/B, 8-Channel Multiplexer, 12042A/B, Programmable Serial Interface, 12043A, Programmable Serial Interface, 12063A, Isolated Digital Board, 12065A, Color Video Board, 12005A/B, Asynchronous Interface, 12007B, HDLC / Modem Interface, 12006A, Parallel Interface, 12016A, SCSI Interface Kit, 12009A, HP-IB Interface
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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