Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
7937H/XP 571 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7930B/M 50 MB Disk Drive
7906B/H 20 MB Cartridge Disk Drive
7914P/R 132 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7912P/R 65 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7908P/R 16.5 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7907A 40 MB Disk Drive
9153B 20 MB HP-IB Disk/Floppy Drive
12123A 234/422MB Internal SCSI Disk
C1701A 650MB SCSI Optical Drive
9153C 10/20/40 MB Disk/Floppy Drive
C3021R/T 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive
C3020R/T 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive
C3040R/T 2GB SCSI Disk Drive
C3023T/R 2GB SCSI Disk Drive
C2212A 330 MB SCSI Disk Drive
C2213A 660 MB SCSI Disk Drive
7963B 304 MB Expandable Disk Drive
C2200/02/03A 335/670 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7958A/B 152 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7959B 304 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7946A 55 MB HP-IB Disk / Tape Drive
7957A/B 81 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7942A 24 MB HP-IB Disk/Tape Drive
7945A 55 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7937H/XP, 571 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7930B/M, 50 MB Disk Drive, 7906B/H, 20 MB Cartridge Disk Drive, 7914P/R, 132 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7912P/R, 65 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7908P/R, 16.5 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7907A, 40 MB Disk Drive, 9153B, 20 MB HP-IB Disk/Floppy Drive, 12123A, 234/422MB Internal SCSI Disk, C1701A, 650MB SCSI Optical Drive, 9153C, 10/20/40 MB Disk/Floppy Drive, C3021R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive, C3020R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive, C3040R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk Drive, C3023T/R, 2GB SCSI Disk Drive, C2212A, 330 MB SCSI Disk Drive, C2213A, 660 MB SCSI Disk Drive, 7963B, 304 MB Expandable Disk Drive, C2200/02/03A, 335/670 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7958A/B, 152 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7959B, 304 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7946A, 55 MB HP-IB Disk / Tape Drive, 7957A/B, 81 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7942A, 24 MB HP-IB Disk/Tape Drive, 7945A, 55 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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