Lynne Company
Lynne Company

Product Description
A2446A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A5544A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A3660A 4GB SE Disk Drive
C2477SZ 2GB DAT Drive
A4909A 18GB FWD Disk Drive
A4570A 9GB WSE Disk Drive
A4569A 4GB WSE Disk Drive
A4486A 9GB FWD Disk Drive
A5560A 18GB SE Disk Drive
A5545A 18GB SE Disk Drive
A4119A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A3304A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A4272A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A4274A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A4356A 4GB FWD Disk Drive
A2071A 210MB Disk Drive
C2478SZ 2-8GB DAT Drive
A4483A 4GB SE Disk Drive
A4460A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A5529A 36GB Disk Drive
A5795A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A4485A 9GB FWD Disk Drive
A2801A 1GB SE Disc Drive
A2964A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A2563A 1GB SE Disc Drive
A2564A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A2445A 1GB Disk Drive (H-H)
A2075A 420MB Disk Drive
A2076A 1.3GB Disk Drive
A2967A 4GB SE Disk Drive
A3087A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A1440A 210MB Disk Drive
A3542A 12GB DDS-3 DAT Drive
A2072A 420MB Disk Drive
2123A 234/422MB Internal SCSI Disk
A1443A 660MB Disk Drive
A4118A 2GB SE Disk Drive
A4461A 4GB FWD Disk Drive
A3353A 4GB FWD Disk Drive
A3305A 1GB FWD Disk Drive
A3351A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A3306A 2GB FWD Disk Drive
A3352A 4GB SE Disk Drive
A3628A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A3643A 4.3GB FWD Disk Drive
A3629A 9GB FWD Disk Drive
A2446A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A5544A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A3660A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, C2477SZ, 2GB DAT Drive, A4909A, 18GB FWD Disk Drive, A4570A, 9GB WSE Disk Drive, A4569A, 4GB WSE Disk Drive, A4486A, 9GB FWD Disk Drive, A5560A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, A5545A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, A4119A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A3304A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A4272A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A4274A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A4356A, 4GB FWD Disk Drive, A2071A, 210MB Disk Drive, C2478SZ, 2-8GB DAT Drive, A4483A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, A4460A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A5529A, 36GB Disk Drive, A5795A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A4485A, 9GB FWD Disk Drive, A2801A, 1GB SE Disc Drive, A2964A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A2563A, 1GB SE Disc Drive, A2564A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A2445A, 1GB Disk Drive (H-H), A2075A, 420MB Disk Drive, A2076A, 1.3GB Disk Drive, A2967A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, A3087A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A1440A, 210MB Disk Drive, A3542A, 12GB DDS-3 DAT Drive, A2072A, 420MB Disk Drive, 2123A, 234/422MB Internal SCSI Disk, A1443A, 660MB Disk Drive, A4118A, 2GB SE Disk Drive, A4461A, 4GB FWD Disk Drive, A3353A, 4GB FWD Disk Drive, A3305A, 1GB FWD Disk Drive, A3351A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A3306A, 2GB FWD Disk Drive, A3352A, 4GB SE Disk Drive, A3628A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A3643A, 4.3GB FWD Disk Drive, A3629A, 9GB FWD Disk Drive
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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