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Lynne Company

Product Description
A3515A Model 12 Disk Array
A3516A Model 12 Disk Array
A3541A 8.8GB FWD Disk Drive
7946A 55MB HP-IB Disk / Tape Drive
A3666A 4GB FWD Disk Module
A3714A 18GB SE Disk Drive
A3240A 2GB FWD Disk Module
A3231A Model 10 Disk Array
A5285A 9GB FWD Disk Module
7942A 24MB HP-IB Disk/Tape Drive
A3320A 4GB FWD Disk Module
A3319A 4GB SE Disk Module
A3318A 2GB FWD Disk Module
A3312A HASS Enclosure (Rack)
A5238A 9GB FWD Disk Module
A3549A Model 10 Disk Array
A3646A 4GB SE Disk Module
A3396A 4GB FWD Disk Module
A3661A Mod 30 Disk Array
C2200/02/03A 335/670 MB HP-IB Disk Drive
C303xT Fast/Wide Tower Drive
C302xT SE Tower Drive
C2295A/B 1.3GB Disk Drive Upgrade
C525xR/T Rack/Tower Drive
C3020R/T 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive
C3023T/R 2GB SCSI Disk Drive
C3021R/T 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive
C526xR/T Rack/Tower Drive
A3550A Model 20 Disk Array
7957A/B 81MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7959B 304MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7958A/B 152MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7937H/XP 571MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7930B/M 50MB Disk Drive
7945A 55MB HP-IB Disk Drive
9153A/B/C Floppy / Disk Drive
7963B 304MB Expandable Disk Drive
A3540A Mod 10 Disk Array
A3647A 4GB FWD Disk Module
A3703A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A3649A 9GB FWD Disk Module
C2204A 1.3GB FL Disk Drive
A3311A HASS Enclosure (Tower)
A5286A 18GB FWD Disk Module
7908P/R 16.5MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7912P/R 65MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7914P/R 132MB HP-IB Disk Drive
7907A 40MB Disk Drive
7906B/H 20MB Cartridge Disk Drive
C2212A 330 MB SCSI Disk Drive
C2217T 1.3 GB Tower Drive
C2291A 664MB Disk Drive Upgrade
C3040R/T 2GB SCSI Disk Drive
A3232A Model 20 Disk Array
A3713A 9GB SE Disk Drive
A5133A 18GB FWD Disk Module
A5132A 9GB FWD Disk Module
A3700A Model 12H Disk Array
A3661A Model 30 Disk Array
A3710A 18GB SE Disk Drive
C2214B 1.3GB SCSI Disk Drive
A5239A 18GB FWD Disk Module
C2216T 660MB Tower Drive
C2213A 660 MB SCSI Disk Drive
A3515A, Model 12 Disk Array, A3516A, Model 12 Disk Array, A3541A, 8.8GB FWD Disk Drive, 7946A, 55MB HP-IB Disk / Tape Drive, A3666A, 4GB FWD Disk Module, A3714A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, A3240A, 2GB FWD Disk Module, A3231A, Model 10 Disk Array, A5285A, 9GB FWD Disk Module, 7942A, 24MB HP-IB Disk/Tape Drive, A3320A, 4GB FWD Disk Module, A3319A, 4GB SE Disk Module, A3318A, 2GB FWD Disk Module, A3312A, HASS Enclosure (Rack), A5238A, 9GB FWD Disk Module, A3549A, Model 10 Disk Array, A3646A, 4GB SE Disk Module, A3396A, 4GB FWD Disk Module, A3661A, Mod 30 Disk Array, C2200/02/03A, 335/670 MB HP-IB Disk Drive, C303xT, Fast/Wide Tower Drive, C302xT, SE Tower Drive, C2295A/B, 1.3GB Disk Drive Upgrade, C525xR/T, Rack/Tower Drive, C3020R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive, C3023T/R, 2GB SCSI Disk Drive, C3021R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk/2GB DAT Drive, C526xR/T, Rack/Tower Drive, A3550A, Model 20 Disk Array, 7957A/B, 81MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7959B, 304MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7958A/B, 152MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7937H/XP, 571MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7930B/M, 50MB Disk Drive, 7945A, 55MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 9153A/B/C, Floppy / Disk Drive, 7963B, 304MB Expandable Disk Drive, A3540A, Mod 10 Disk Array, A3647A, 4GB FWD Disk Module, A3703A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A3649A, 9GB FWD Disk Module, C2204A, 1.3GB FL Disk Drive, A3311A, HASS Enclosure (Tower), A5286A, 18GB FWD Disk Module, 7908P/R, 16.5MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7912P/R, 65MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7914P/R, 132MB HP-IB Disk Drive, 7907A, 40MB Disk Drive, 7906B/H, 20MB Cartridge Disk Drive, C2212A, 330 MB SCSI Disk Drive, C2217T, 1.3 GB Tower Drive, C2291A, 664MB Disk Drive Upgrade, C3040R/T, 2GB SCSI Disk Drive, A3232A, Model 20 Disk Array, A3713A, 9GB SE Disk Drive, A5133A, 18GB FWD Disk Module, A5132A, 9GB FWD Disk Module, A3700A, Model 12H Disk Array, A3661A, Model 30 Disk Array, A3710A, 18GB SE Disk Drive, C2214B, 1.3GB SCSI Disk Drive, A5239A, 18GB FWD Disk Module, C2216T, 660MB Tower Drive, C2213A, 660 MB SCSI Disk Drive
The above list represents a small percentage of the parts and equipment we have access to.
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